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Born and raised in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Mandy Rennehan came from humble beginnings. The daughter of a lobster fisherman, Mandy and the Rennehan family of six faced many challenges including growing up in a community that relied on a  seasonal fishing industry. Many times, her parents struggled to put food on the table. This motivated Mandy to strive for a different life with less financial hardships. While other kids were busy playing, Mandy was foraging for bait and selling it to the local fishermen for profit. Dubbed the ‘local fish broker,’ an entrepreneurial visionary was born at the age of 10. 


Using her inherent ability to lead and motivate others, she assembled teams and used her proceeds from selling bait to buy the necessary tools to construct log cabins in the woods. This is when Mandy discovered her true passion for wood and fascination for structure. Moving on to even bigger things, her keen interest and diligent work ethic drove her to learn everything there was to know about installing, repairing, maintaining and the restoration of wood.


Mandy left home at the age of 18 with a suitcase and a smile. Retail leaders were instantly drawn to her infectious personality, candid honesty, and her immense knowledge of the building and maintenance industry. This led her to create a simplified work order management system using a single point of contact for all facility departments across North America. In the industry, she’s referred to as the “Northern Wind” and the “Wood whisperer” – for real.


In 1995, Freshco came to fruition. It was the first full service, 24/7, on-call retail maintenance provider with full coverage across Canada and the eastern U.S. Today, Freshco is the most successful, well-run and financially responsible retail maintenance business in the country with three collaborative divisions – Maintenance, Projects and Reconstruction.


Last but not least, Mandy is praised for her generosity and is recognized as an active philanthropist at the ripe age of 41. She is an advocate for mentoring people of all ages and gender who are currently looking for a rewarding and lucrative career. Mandy strongly encourages her students to become certified under the trade umbrella and believes it can be used to further their studies in the booming construction industry. In 2015, she established the Chris Rennehan Scholarship – an initiative to get kids and women more involved in the trades, named after Mandy’s late brother who died at the age of 38. Learn more here.

Great things happens when talent collides,
not when it competes.

Every single Freshco employee is handpicked by Mandy and her Management team. This ensures exceptional workmanship, personality and transparency with every call.


We work with in-house technicians and over 200 skilled trade partners across Canada and Eastern US. Each one has been referred by an existing member of the Freshco team.


Freshco’s Administration and Accounts Department have been recognized as a ‘best practice’ in the industry, keeping publicly traded companies and their respective quarters current for capital spend.


We have good ears. You heard us. We believe listening carefully to our clients ensures we’re all on the same page from the very get-go.


Anything boys can do girls can do… just as well. We’re passionate advocates of females in the trades and within our own organization. In fact, more than 60% of Freshco’s employees are female.


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Best Practices

When you use the latest technology and find new, creative ways to bring more value to every job, everyone wins. From 3D printers to drones to iPad paperless on-site billing, technology and smart thinking makes us more efficient (and really cool!). And did we mention how fun and friendly we are? Learn more.

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