Got a project in mind for your retail space? We do everything from retrofits to major construction to complete rehauls – while limiting dust and debris and minimizing interference with day-to-day store operations. Trust our friendly and experienced Freshco Projects Managers to complete your job on time and on budget without the headaches.


Give your store a refresh in key areas such as washrooms, change rooms, cash areas, floors or lighting.


Dedicated Project Managers

We’ll be on site to see your project through from beginning to end. White glove service – our team of skilled tradespeople do all the work including covering and moving merchandise and fixtures each evening, cleaning and restoring the sales floor each morning.


Cost Effective Solutions

We offer creative, cost-effective solutions with an eye towards lower long-term service costs.


Custom Projects

They are our specialty. It gives us a chance to showcase our creativity, expertise and attention to detail.


Full Service

From design, architectural drawings, site drawings, demolition, to onsite project management, our team can manage any or all parts of the work based on your needs.


Best Practices

Innovation is a part of our culture. We have worked very closely with manufacturers to test and apply new products and technology for our clients. And we have created new installation processes that deliver projects on time and on budget.

We use 3D printers to help bring design ideas to life. Seeing it in three dimensions helps clients visualize our work. Got a piece of land or area you need scoped out? We’ve got a drone for that. We provide videos and photos for clients who want to see their retail spaces from above. Lastly, we use iPads on-site for billing and invoicing. Once you go paperless, you never turn back.


We get retail. That’s why our clients depend on us to main their spaces and make them amazing, 24/7.


Who says old can’t be beautiful and sexy?
We take derelict structures and transform them into functional yet timeless spaces.

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